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Inductance type proximity switch
Capacitance type proximity switch
Hall, Reed Sensor
Magnetic cylinder sensor
Permanent magnet inductor
Photoelectric sensor
Miniature photoelectric sensor
ESB Standard color detection sensor
Electronic cam controller
Laces Switches
Run Flat Switches
Sensors Plug reflective plate
Solid State Relay
    ZHEJIANG FEILING ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD. founded in 1988, the Department of joint-stock enterprises, professional sensor in the research, development and production of factory automation and process automation products, high-tech factory automation applications photoelectric sensor switch, close to switch, Huo Seoul switches, switching analog capacitive sensor close, the 1990s is absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis and in accordance with the vast number of users require years of practice and improve the introduction of new products, various models, internal functions and designs to the original imports consistent products, and prices of imports only one-tenth that can be directly exchanged with imported products, industrial automation sensor is a key component in the essential, is widely used in all kinds of machinery, machine tool manufacturing and textile, papermaking , tobacco, light industry, food, chemicals, mining, metallurgical aviation industry, the electricity security, the auto industry, shipbuilding, transportation, construction, a subway, and other industry firms, for spacing. Positioning detection, automatic counting, guns, automatic protection, industrial production pipeline and computer signal automatically, NC devices, applications, automatic control system to improve the reliability of the advanced nature and has a tremendous role.
    Feiling companies in all major cities in the country have authorized dealers, as long as you have the large-scale electronics, electrical appliances market will certainly can buy "FEILTG Feiling card" sensor. My company adhere to the "quality first, being honest and trustworthy, pragmatic, innovative, efficient first class" spirit of enterprise for industrial automation create a better future.
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